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Naturally Dyed Scarves, Home Goods, Art, and Other Accessories

Natural fibers made beautiful with colors and prints created by nature. Permanent colors and sustainable designs you can feel good about.

Surround Yourself with the Beauty of Nature


Plant Dyes

Most dyes I use come from plants, mushrooms, and lichens that are grown or gathered on my forested property, Cedar Dell Forest Farm, just outside of Portland, Oregon. These items, such as the goldenrod flowers pictured above, create a rainbow of beautiful, lasting colors on natural fibers. My dye studio is free of toxic materials, conserves water use, and the results are gorgeous local colors that are gentle on the earth.


Botanical Printing

In addition to natural dyes, leaves are pressed and heated with fabric. This causes their pigments to be transferred to the material, creating an all natural print, each one as unique as each individual leaf. Each leaf is used only once and the resulting print shows the specific character of the plant, inviting us to slow down and take a closer look at the textures, patterns and beauty of nature.


Each item is a unique work of art.

Scarves, bags, home goods, wall hangings